Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Quick note on Google Voice / Sprint integration

Yes, Google Voice / Sprint integration is now live, but if you would like to continue to use Google Voice Callback, think twice before integrating your Google Voice number and your Sprint number. Integration will merge your two numbers, and thus you will have nothing to callback to - and Google Voice Callback will no longer work.*

* Calling back to your other numbers (home, work, VOIP, etc.) will be unaffected, of course.


Anonymous said...

Well, you can also use a second GV account for GV call back. I have my personal account integrated with sprint, and I use a business account for GV callback. It works great.

Elliot said...

I love your app. I've been using it with unlimited Sprint to Home. Now that a number of months have passed since your original post do you have any idea whether porting GV number to Sprint will actually preclude successfully using it as a callback number?

x said...

@Elliot: As far as I now, the status has not been changed. You can't use GV Callback if you integrate your GV number with your Sprint number.