Thursday, March 24, 2011

Google Voice Callback v0.10.1 is out!

A quick update. What's new in v0.10.1?

  • Now you can choose from multiple callback numbers when making a call (just select multiple callback numbers in the settings). Let me know if this works well!
  • minor fixes for those who donated via Paypal (thanks!)


Friday, March 18, 2011

Calendar Quick Add v0.5 is out!

This update for Gingerbread is long in coming, sorry! The main change is the fix for Gingerbread crash, but there are lots of small improvements here and there:

  • Recognizes phrases such as "in 72 hours" or "in a week"
  • Recognizes keywords "noon", "midnight", and "now".
  • Fully spellt out months such as "September 25" is now recognized in text quick add (previously it was only recognized in voice quick add)
  • Recognizes year as in e.g. 3/18/2012
  • If hour is greater than 12, assume it's in 24-hour format regardless of setting.
  • Show day of week on confirmation screen.
  • Hopefully fixes ending date before starting date bug and the 12 hour into the next day bug
  • Detects 12/24-hour format and day-month/month-day format from system settings in first run setup