Friday, February 12, 2010

Adding calendar events to your android phone the easy way

For a list of changes between versions, see here.

If you own an android phone and use the default calendar (which wonderfully syncs with your Google calendar, of course!), you probably know how hard it is to add an event to the calendar.

Once you get to the add new event page, you need to change go through 4 fields separately to set the start and end time - 2 for the date, 2 for the time. And for each of them, you have to deal with the spinners that are highly inefficient for input. Imagine how many button presses you need to do to get the right time and dat? Do these look familiar?

Now imagine if you can just type 8pm mon dinner with kate at apple bee, right at the Quick Search Box on your home screen:

Now you can do it with a new Android application, Calendar Quick Add. You will get this:

Other examples of what you can add:
  • 4pm doctor's appt - Add "doctor's appt" for 4pm today.
  • tomorrow valentine's day - Add "valentine's day" as an all-day event for tomorrow. You can also use "tmr" instead of tomorrow to shorten your typing on the phone!
  • sun 4-7pm mall shopping - Add "mall shopping" to 4pm-7pm the nearest Sunday in the future.

Give Calendar Quick Add a try!


Dr G said...

This program is FANTASTIC, incorporating many things I've always wanted in a quick-add utility including the ability to specify the default duration and default reminders. Thoughtfully done! Do you have a way to donate to you (eg, via Pledgie)?

Andrés said...


I have tried this with Sony Ericsson Xperia X10, but when I launch this it shows "Sorry, your device does not support voice input".

But I have voice dialing in this mobile with Android 1.6.

What's wrong?

carmanhere said...

I just installed your Calendar and I added 2 appointments. When I click on the Calendar icon, which is next to the voice add, it brings me back to the calendar quick add. A stupid question: How do I now open up the calendar to show the month and my appointments?

x said...

@carmanhere: Just go to your phone's default calendar app. The appointments should be there.