Sunday, August 29, 2010

Google Voice Callback v0.6 is out!

There are lots of changes in this one (though most of them not visible to the end user). So keep the bug report going!

What's new/changed in v0.6:
  • (Experimental) support for auto-answering the callback call. One less click from you! You need enable it in the preferences to use this feature.
  • Better compatibility with the official GV app. To ensure true compatibility, you should set the official GV app's "Making Calls" setting to "Use Google Voice to make all calls". Don't worry, Google Voice Callback still works despite that settings! You should make sure, though, that no other call interceptors are enabled. Otherwise things might not go as expected.
  • Perhaps the most noticeable change: there is a new settings page! The settings pages are now made to be more robust, less mistake-prone, more foolproof, and more reliable.
  • Killed a bunch of bugs/potential bugs.

In v0.6.1:
  • Small bug (FC) fix for phones that does not report their numbers

In v0.6.2:
  • Small bug fix (should affect very few users anyways).


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Google Voice Callback FAQ

Here is a list of frequently asked questions and answers:

Q: What is the differences between your app and the official Google Voice app? Why do I need Google Voice Callback?
A: As its name implies, my app uses callback mechanism, which means it intercepts your outgoing calls, and then it asks Google Voice to call you back so that when you pick up the incoming call from your Google Voice number, you are connected to your original outgoing number. That means you actually never call out; you answer a call from your Google Voice number.
The official Google Voice app, in contrast, calls out, which means it dials another number instead of your original number (some number from the 416 area code) then transfer you to your original number on their (Google's) end. That means you are virtually dialing a number that does not even exist on your phone book.
Is the difference significant? If you want some form of free call, then it is. See questions/answers below.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Google Voice Callback v0.5 is out!

v0.5 contains mainly changes that make Google Voice Callback interacts better with other apps on your phone. The changes are:

  • A plug-in for Locale or Tasker, two very flexible automation apps* for Android. It means that now you can decide whether you use Google Voice Callback based on situations, including but not limited to: hours of the day; days of the week; GPS location; Wifi availability etc. The possibility is limitless!
  • Google Voice Callback now proactively helps to keep your call log clean, by removing the "fake" entries from your Google Voice incoming call and transferring properties such as call length etc. to the real number you actually called.
  • Interact better with Sipdroid (see a separate blog post!): option for auto-answer for the Google Voice incoming call, and option to start Sipdroid when callback.
  • Display the type of phone number (mobile, home, work, etc.) in the pick number screen for setting callback rules.
  • Other fixes to prevent possible crash.

As always, enjoy! If you find the app helpful, donation is always appreciated!

* I apologize that both Locale and Tasker are paid apps. I want to keep Google Voice Callback a simple and small app that does one thing only, and does it well, instead of trying to accomplish too much. Duplicating functionality that another app already does well is not fun...

Make Sipdroid and Google Voice Callback work together

Many of you (including me) use Sipdroid for calling over internet. The setup can be made pretty convenient, but not enough for me! Thankfully Sipdroid is open-source, so I modified Sipdroid to make it work a little better with Google Voice Callback.

DISCLAIMER: this is a purely fun personal project that I did for myself. I made no guarantee of usability or suitability for you! Use at your own risk, and don't complain if it makes your current GV-SIP setup not working, or burns down your house, or causes global warming.

The modified version of Sipdroid is based on an older version, 1.3.7 beta. I have not had the need to update (and got burned once when one update broke the callback mechanism). I may consider update my changes to a newer version of Sipdroid, but don't count on it!

The major changes I made to Sipdroid are:
  • Exposes some internal functions so that Google Voice Callback can start Sipdroid's service on background. You can enable the option to start Sipdroid when callback occurs (in the main setting screen for Google Voice Callback, press Menu -> Preferences).
  • I added an option to auto-answer incoming call from your Google Voice number (and optionally disable ring for such incoming calls). To find the option, open Sipdroid, press Menu -> Settings -> Call Options -> Auto-Answer number / Disable Ring for Auto-Answer.
  • I removed the annoying red LED notification from Sipdroid when network is not available.

You can find the modified version of Sipdroid and the modified source here:

Be warned that the download apk file is signed with my key, which means that you cannot install it on top of existing Sipdroid. You must uninstall Sipdroid from your phone before installing the modified Sipdroid apk.