Sunday, August 29, 2010

Google Voice Callback v0.6 is out!

There are lots of changes in this one (though most of them not visible to the end user). So keep the bug report going!

What's new/changed in v0.6:
  • (Experimental) support for auto-answering the callback call. One less click from you! You need enable it in the preferences to use this feature.
  • Better compatibility with the official GV app. To ensure true compatibility, you should set the official GV app's "Making Calls" setting to "Use Google Voice to make all calls". Don't worry, Google Voice Callback still works despite that settings! You should make sure, though, that no other call interceptors are enabled. Otherwise things might not go as expected.
  • Perhaps the most noticeable change: there is a new settings page! The settings pages are now made to be more robust, less mistake-prone, more foolproof, and more reliable.
  • Killed a bunch of bugs/potential bugs.

In v0.6.1:
  • Small bug (FC) fix for phones that does not report their numbers

In v0.6.2:
  • Small bug fix (should affect very few users anyways).



Hosung Song said...

Great job again! It works just fine as before. A few questions though: Not sure what the better compatibility with native GV app is. It seems like your GV Callback app works with or without the native GV app's "Use GV to make all calls" option (I always set it to "Do not use GV to make any calls"). Could you explain what this is for? Second and last question is, the auto-answer feature doesn't work with Sipdroid, right? And thanks for letting me know that the auto-answer on a number feature is on the feature request list that long. I may better forget and try to implement it on my own. Thanks again!

x said...

The official GV compatibility is for people who use the "Ask everytime" option, which contains an option for "normal call" - the action of which is affected by the compatibility option.

The auto-answer is for the default Phone app. You can already get auto-answer in Sipdroid using the modified Sipdroid that I posted a few weeks ago.

Aaron Ross Powell said...

I'm having a weird issue after upgrading to 0.6. I have filters setup to use Google Voice for all calls except to one number (my wife's cell).

With the new version, when I try to call her number, I see the little GVCallback bar flash across the screen and then nothing happens. No outgoing call is placed. If I call any other number, the thing works fine and connects to Google Voice and places the call.

I've tried messing with the settings, recreating the filter, etc., without any luck.

x said...

@Aaron: I cannot reproduce your problem :( Can you email me a logcat? (see here on how to get one:

Anonymous said...

I Upgraded 0.6.1 and looked good, calls are ok on callback, but now when I select “ask always" and try to make a regular call, nothing happens.I have had to have the app turned off.I m on 1.5, thank you, oscar.

x said...

@Anonymous: Does unchecking the option "Official GV app compatibility" solve your problem?

Anonymous said...

OK, so I HAD the compatibility un-checked.(because I didn t even have official GV installed, just now I installed it), Now I checked compatibility and the "normal call" option now works.
Looks like this version needs GV installed? Maybe I missed that in upgrade instructions.
thank you much,

Anonymous said...

If you want me to troubleshoot further(ie uninstall GV etc) just let me know tks

Anonymous said...

FYI, with compatibility un-checked, "normal call" still fails.Oscar

Tomasz said...

Hello, :-)
I absolutely LOVE your app! So far, it's the best one out there! I have a problem, tho...
When connected to any number with IVR, the DTMF tones don't get transmitted.

For instance, I called Comcast, and it says: the last four digits blah blah... press 1 for yes...
I keep pressing 1, and I hear the tone, but the other side (IVR) apparently DOESN'T. Why is that? Also tried AT&T with same result. It works fine over normal GV non-VoIP calls.

Another issue is that contact numbers are dialed and show in call history WITHOUT FORMATTING, which makes them all UNKNOWN numbers with the phone prompting me to add them to contacts. Example: (773) 777 7768 will be dialed and show up as 7737777768 and without contact name...

The last and really minor issue is that callbacks initially show in the incoming call box as coming from my own GV number, and it stays that way during the call, but then is reflected correctly in the call history. Is there a way to make the callback to show the contact being connected to, or is that too much cause it would have to override the SIPDroid...?

Let me know, if you need more info, or if you want me to try or test something. Feel free to email me:


Jpittscell said...

Would you look into updating your modified sipdroid client. The older version does not support the bluetooth settings that the new 1.6.1 does.

Aaron said...

Amazing app. Any way to put the GVoice Toggle on a shortcut in a LauncherPro Dock?

maddix said...

Major problem just now.

First let me say that I've tried other GV Callback apps but landed on yours for the ability to filter my contacts for when to auto-use GVC and when never to use it. Good stuff, and it has worked.

Now onto my issue just now. I'll say this, I went to and it appears the service was indeed down - although it had worked just an hour or so earlier. *BUT* my issue is I was UNABLE to call the number I needed to call (it was a scheduled business meeting) outside of GVC. I was unable to do *anything* to stop GVC from dialing the number. I changed the app to never use, I changed then deleted the filter for the phone number, and heck I even uninstalled the app. But guess what, IT KEPT DOING IT and so I was never able to dial into my meeting. Even when the prompt came up asking to use GVC or a normal call, it kept going GVC.

Maybe I'm losing it and it was Google Voice and not GVC but my impression is it was indeed GVC.

UPDATE: my phone just rang, 25 minutes into the meeting, and it seems the call back feature just kicked in.

Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate.

Anonymous said...

I know Evan had the source for GV publicly available... could you provide the source for the callback app so interested people could make their own modifications?