Friday, August 13, 2010

Google Voice Callback v0.5 is out!

v0.5 contains mainly changes that make Google Voice Callback interacts better with other apps on your phone. The changes are:

  • A plug-in for Locale or Tasker, two very flexible automation apps* for Android. It means that now you can decide whether you use Google Voice Callback based on situations, including but not limited to: hours of the day; days of the week; GPS location; Wifi availability etc. The possibility is limitless!
  • Google Voice Callback now proactively helps to keep your call log clean, by removing the "fake" entries from your Google Voice incoming call and transferring properties such as call length etc. to the real number you actually called.
  • Interact better with Sipdroid (see a separate blog post!): option for auto-answer for the Google Voice incoming call, and option to start Sipdroid when callback.
  • Display the type of phone number (mobile, home, work, etc.) in the pick number screen for setting callback rules.
  • Other fixes to prevent possible crash.

As always, enjoy! If you find the app helpful, donation is always appreciated!

* I apologize that both Locale and Tasker are paid apps. I want to keep Google Voice Callback a simple and small app that does one thing only, and does it well, instead of trying to accomplish too much. Duplicating functionality that another app already does well is not fun...

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