Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Google Voice Callback v0.10 is out!

What's new or changed:

  • option to auto append area code to outgoing numbers. This will only apply to numbers with exactly 7 digits.
  • homescreen shortcuts to change callback number
  • much more powerful Tasker/Locale plugin: check it out! You can now change callback numbers and several other settings from Tasker/Locale. Let me know if you want other settings to be accessible from Tasker/Locale.
  • an menu item to "test" a number against filter rules - for those of you with somewhat complicated rule setup, you can easily test your wildcards/regexes.
  • Homescreen shortcut to turn on/off is now also available from the homescreen itself (the usual way, via long presses on an empty space on the homescreen)
  • A fast scrolling thumbnail is added to the pick number screen when creating new filter rules.

Enjoy! And happy belated Valentine's day! :)