Sunday, December 11, 2011

Bad news...

I received an email today from Android Market:

This is a notification that the application, Google Voice Callback FREE, with package ID com.xinlu.gvdial has been removed from Android Market due to a violation of the Developer Content Policy. For specific details regarding this particular suspension, please see the Intellectual Property and Impersonation or Deceptive Behavior sections of our Content Policy. Please also be advised that aspects of your application’s listing in Market, including but not limited to the title, logo, description, and posted screenshots are also subject to the above terms.

So, while I wait for response from the Android Market Team, Google Voice Callback will be (hopefully temporarily) unavailable on the Android Market.

[Since I'm completely inept on the artistic side, I smash the Google Voice icon with a check mark to make an icon for the app, which, in hindsight, is probably the cause of suspension. Finger crossed that Google will let me publish a new version after changing the icon...] Update: the app is still available on Amazon Appstore. If you bought the donate version on Android Market and do not want to purchase the donate version again, please send me an email.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

For those who commented on some of the old posts....

Gah, technology glitches! Apologies to those who commented on older posts on the blog - the comments are all waiting for moderation, and I don't even know I need to moderate! I'll get to answering your questions soon, I promise :)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Google Voice Callback v0.11 is out!

What's new in v0.11?

  • New callback rule: contact group
  • New callback rule: whether a number is saved in contact
  • Improved "waiting for callback" dialog - now it will prompt and provide more information when waiting is too long (usually because of some setup problems)
  • Option to not show the waiting for callback screen (in Advanced Settings)
  • Append area code and GV compatibility setting are now moved to Advanced Settings page


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Calendar Quick Add v0.6 is out!

What is new in v0.6?

  • Main addition: GTask quick add! (Read more below)
  • New icons
  • Bug fixes

About the new task quick add feature, here are what you need to know:

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The dream, AutoHotkey-powered foot pedal for programmers and ergonomanics

As a hobby programmer and someone who in general use the computer a lots, I'm acutely aware of my hands/arms's general well-being ever since I felt the symptoms of numbness a few years back. Often times not using the computer or typing less is not an option, and a foot pedal is a godsend so that my feet can relieve my hands' duties from time to time.

Some foot pedals out there designed (as they claim) explicitly for ergonomically-minded people are just outrageously expensive, not to mention that their drivers / software do not seem to be very flexible. So, instead of those pedals, I picked up an Infinity transcription foot pedal (INFINITY-IN-USB-1) for less than 40 bucks on eBay, and hacked my own driver for it. The Infinity pedal is designed for transcription (i.e. has Play/Rew/Fwd buttons), but it has 3 sturdy buttons and is actually a great pedal to be re-purposed.

Quick note on Google Voice / Sprint integration

Yes, Google Voice / Sprint integration is now live, but if you would like to continue to use Google Voice Callback, think twice before integrating your Google Voice number and your Sprint number. Integration will merge your two numbers, and thus you will have nothing to callback to - and Google Voice Callback will no longer work.*

* Calling back to your other numbers (home, work, VOIP, etc.) will be unaffected, of course.