Friday, June 3, 2011

Google Voice Callback v0.11 is out!

What's new in v0.11?

  • New callback rule: contact group
  • New callback rule: whether a number is saved in contact
  • Improved "waiting for callback" dialog - now it will prompt and provide more information when waiting is too long (usually because of some setup problems)
  • Option to not show the waiting for callback screen (in Advanced Settings)
  • Append area code and GV compatibility setting are now moved to Advanced Settings page



Jason said...

I am trying to install this application on my HTC Flyer tablet. It does not show up in the market. I'm guessing because the tablet does not have phone capabilities?
Is it possible for you to change this so I can install it?

Currently I have to login to the voice website and have it call me.

David said...


David said...

JASON FYI Tablets don't make phone calls.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I’ve been a long time user of this app and love it. I’m on a rooted droid 1 and since moving to GB based ROM’s I’ve noticed a reoccurring bug. Every time a call is connected after the callback, my active call gets put into Mute mode. So I make an outgoing call, the app calls me back and I answer the call and when it’s connected, my call gets put into MUTE and the person I’m calling cannot hear me talking, but I can hear them. I have checked and confirmed the mute button/function is being activated on its own. I also reproduced this bug while on speaker phone to make sure my face wasn’t accidentally turning on the mute function.

This occurs across three different ROM’s, all of which are GB based off of CM7. I’m wondering if anyone else has reported this issue? If you need alogcat please let me know where to send it.

Thanks for a great app.

x said...

@Jason: Compatibility with tablet is on my to-do list, but since I don't have an tablet to test, it will take a while to come.

@Anonymous: I have not heard such reports; you are the first one. Have you tried turning auto-answer on/off?

Anonymous said...

@X, i think thats what it is...I tried makinge several calls with the auto answer toggled to ON and consistently got the mute button turned on.

I toggled it off and made the same amount of calls and the mute button didnt come on once. I'm surprised no one running GB on D1 using this app has reported this yet...

Thanks for your help!

delawaresace said...

I just discovered your app and am enjoying it. It works very well. I have a request for an added option. Google Voice has the option to record a call if you press the number 4 on the keypad, but only for incoming calls. I love this and use it all the time. Without going into too much detail, I received a head injury when I was younger and have trouble with my memory. I take notes and make lists and record phone calls to try to compensate. It’s more work on my part then what a normal person has to do to get through the day, but I try to make it work. I love technology that helps me and makes my life a little easier. When I found your app, I was hoping that it would allow me to record calls that I make because it really is calling me back, but no luck. I don’t know the nuts and bolts of how your app works with Google Voice, but if it’s possible, it would make my day to day a lot easier. Thanks again.

dymutaos said...

I found a bug in the application. The app doesn't crash, but it does show the "Snap, something went wrong" error message saying it doesn't know what went wrong.

The problem is that I had the callback number set in the app, and later I deleted the number from my google voice account. When I used gv callback, it failed to realize that the number set was no longer attached to my account.

Here is the exact message:
google says {"ok":false,"data":{"code":20}}

While it probably doesn't happen very often, I think the app should at least be able to understand that the number does not exist anymore, and it should let the user know that they need to choose a new default callback number.

All in all, I love the app! Thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

im new to this. i was wondering will this work on an android phone with no carrier service. my touch 3g slide tmobile

D said...

Is there any way GV Callback can have an option to allow choosing which GV account to use as I place a call? It shouldn't have to authenticate each time and just use whatever callback number is pre-configured.


x said...

@dymutaos: yes change in callback number is not detected. I'm not sure whether it's worth the extra time to detect it since you should know when you deleted a callback number :)

@Anon on July 9: yes

@D: currently no. You will have to be authenticated with your Google Voice account.

Unknown said...

I have the same mute problem when I use auto connect - I am on a custom ROM on DROID X. App still got 5 stars. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen an issue recently where you have to retry the call back multiple times before you actually get the callback? It's been happening for about the last month. This even happens from the Google web gui, so i know it's not this apps fault.

Ryan said...

Hi X!

Love the app, keep up the great work!

I did notice a small glitch... the app won't pass the pause (,) or wait (;) commands when you choose the normal dialer.

I was banging my head against the wall trying to figure out why 555-555-5555,1234 no longer logged me into my company voicemail. Only when I asked the app to not prompt me and never use it did the dialer work as expected.

x said...

@Unknown: unfortunately you may have to not use the auto-answer feature. Blame Google for removing direct code access to auto-answer calls on Android 2.3 (they probably did it for security reasons though).

@Anonymous on July 29: nothing I can do really, if the same problem also happens on the web.

@Ryan: I'll look into that.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great program!

One bug report: Regardless of settings to never call using mobile, Google Voice Callback switches from SIP to normal call.

Feature request: Please let the future versions stick to the choice of no non-SIP calls, if someone sets it so.

In addition, when the Google Voice Callback program sees a voicemail number, it says "voicemail number detected, using mobile dialer" along those lines. Can it pause to ask the user whether he still wants to use SIP nevertheless? or can the program ask the user: "this number cannot be called by using SIP. Do you want to call it directly by using the mobile network?"

Anonymous said...

I should add,

Google Voice Callback uses the non-SIP mobile network as soon as it finds out there is no internet in the phone. Kindly fix it so that there should be an option "never use mobile network no matter what unless I am prompted to" that works

Anonymous said...

I love this app except it only works intermittently for me. Sometimes it kicks in and sometimes it doesn't, and I can't figure out the rhyme or reason. Any thoughts? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I noticed that when I seclect a contact to call from my contacts list, after the call the app adds the called number to the call log...My issue is that the number appears fine but the contact info/name does not. usually after making a call the call log will have the contact name form the contacts card. This is not the case when using callback App.Is there something im missing? My phone is a Tbolt running 2.3.4 (gingerbread). your suggestion is apreciated :-)

Anonymous said...

this is a very useful ap. thank you. i've been using it for months now in this capacity. i live in canada and i call the US frequently. i use this ap such that the recipients of the call see my caller ID as a US number and not a Canadian cell phone number. i'm having some trouble lately with the ap not able to connect the call and i'm also having a problem receiving the calls. it's only working 50% of time. i have it set up such that my GV number is forwarded to GV Canadian loophole phone number (area code 403, as received from and i have that number always forward to my canadian cell number. incoming calls used to work nearly 100% of the time. now i'm only getting calls through 50% of the time. for outgoing calls i'm having the same issue. any suggestions? anyone familiar with this setup?

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone. AWESOME APP!!!
Please excuse my ignorance; Under External apps, what are "Start CSipSimple before callback & Start Sipdroid before callback" options?

And why are the options unchecked by default?

Anonymous said...

Great application!

I have two requests.

1) For some reason, GVC always uses "normal call" when the voicemail number is detected. I'm forced to use minutes for this call. Can this be changed in a later version?

2) When there is no internet connection, a normal call is immediately placed. This may not be welcomed in some circumstances.

Is it possible to have dialogs or settings to refine these two actions?

Sebastian zirz said...


Grant said...

is this still working?