Monday, December 20, 2010

Google Voice Callback v0.7 is out!

This one has been long in coming; I was occupied with some real life tasks (good luck to me on my graduate school applications, everyone!) Anyways, v0.7 is out:

  • turn off callback completely for certain weekdays and hours (see Quiet Hour in setting)
  • can now call your own GV number
  • bug fixes

The major change is the "Quiet Hour" feature, which is among the number one asked: turn off callback completely for certain time (such as any time other than Monday-Friday, 7am-8pm).

(Those of you who like to play around with your phone probably already implemented this feature on your own with Tasker/Locale. This feature is simply here since perhaps some of you don't want to pay for an extra app to do something as simple as this. I still strongly encourage you to use Tasker/Locale to turn callback on/off based on more complex situations. More features on the plugin is forthcoming, including the ability to change the callback number with the plugin. Stay tuned!)

Happy "callbacking" and happy holidays!

Changes in v0.7.1

fix bug in Quiet Hour