Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Google Voice Callback v0.10 is out!

What's new or changed:

  • option to auto append area code to outgoing numbers. This will only apply to numbers with exactly 7 digits.
  • homescreen shortcuts to change callback number
  • much more powerful Tasker/Locale plugin: check it out! You can now change callback numbers and several other settings from Tasker/Locale. Let me know if you want other settings to be accessible from Tasker/Locale.
  • an menu item to "test" a number against filter rules - for those of you with somewhat complicated rule setup, you can easily test your wildcards/regexes.
  • Homescreen shortcut to turn on/off is now also available from the homescreen itself (the usual way, via long presses on an empty space on the homescreen)
  • A fast scrolling thumbnail is added to the pick number screen when creating new filter rules.

Enjoy! And happy belated Valentine's day! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! Attitude! I am sorry that I won't buy you a cup of, or never.

Uninstaling this app immediately.

x said...

@Anonymous: I have no idea who you are (and you obviously don't want me to know), or why you say what you said.

Please understand that you voluntarily install the app. I spend lots of time writing and improving the app as well as answering users' questions, and I gain nothing from you using the app. You are welcome to donate, but you are not required to.

If you do not have the courtesy to respect the work of others, I'm very happy that you decide to uninstall the app since you should not install it in the first place.

Bryan said...

Hello X, will your app work with a account?

Bryan said...

Hi, I forgot to check to email follow up comments, just adding a comment to enable that.

Anonymous said...

PAY THE FOOL NO MIND. This app has made the impossible possible. Simple account and free calls via voice! You, sir, are brilliant and sadly thankless for this total win.

Anonymous said...

Having issues suddenly with aforementioned configuration...callback doesn't go through...

x said...

@Bryan: I don't know's service in details but it seems like a replacement for Google Voice. In that sense, Google Voice Callback does not support it.

@Anonymous No.2: send me an email with more details about your problem.

Anonymous said...

Any possibility of the app working with a Google Apps login rather than a account? I have read everything I can find so apologies if this is covered somewhere.

Rob said...

This is a great app. Thanks for all of your time in developing it, it is appreciated. This may be a stupid question, but is there any reason to have the Google Voice App installed? Also is there a way to find out what number is being dialed out before callback? I want to add this number to my F.and Fam.

Thanks again.