Friday, January 21, 2011

Google Voice Callback v0.9 is out!

What's new / changed?

  • New filter rule to filter by phone type (mobile, home, etc.)
  • Filter rules can now be ordered via drag and drop. Rules are checked in the order you specified, and the check will stop once a match is found.
  • Option to start CSipSimple before callback.
  • The passwordless login method is refined a bit in the setting page, and the error catching is more streamlined.
  • Ask one more permission to fix problem with passwordless login for some Android 2.1 phones.
  • Now uses the Android 2.0 Contact API when applicable, which should solve some phone's problem with no contacts shown when picking rules.
  • Call log clean up should now also take care of the callback through Android 2.3's SIP stack.
  • Fixes for Quiet Hour.
  • User interface tweaks here and there. :)

A note to CSipSimple users: for even better compatibility, get the CSipSimple version (from their website) that has the filter feature. Add a filter for your GV number to auto-answer the callback call.



Anonymous said...

I really enjoy this app, and have a suggestion. Right now, if I dial a number without an area code it does not use the callback, or even give me a menu. Sometimes I forget to dial an area code, but I would like the program to still use the call back, and try to dial using google voice (which it will give an error for). This prevents me from accidentally using minutes.

Thank you again for this wonderful app, and for making it free. I haven't bought an app yet, but will probably donate some money in the future!

x said...

@Anon: Your request is strange. I certainly don't want to send out callback requests when I know for sure that the requests will fail. Also, very often I won't want to handle numbers less than 10 digits anyways since they might be special codes (to check minutes remaining, etc.)

I might consider adding an option to automatically add area code to the phone numbers with exactly 7 digits.

DrMacinyasha said...

Can an easier way be made to add the shortcut for toggling Callback, ie, a regular homescreen shortcut? I would love to be able to use Desktop Visualizer to make a shortcut, or a LauncherPro dock swipe-action for Google Voice or my dialer.

x said...

@DrMacinyasha: should be coming soon.

Rick said...

Does this use a data connection to start the connection? If so, about how much bandwidth is used to do this?

x said...

@Rick: Yes internet connection is needed. I'd say probably 50kb or so for the initial call (which needs to login to Google), then ~10kb for the subsequent calls. The login information is cached across calls unless Android kills the app (for lack of memory, or if you haven't use it for a while).

Anonymous said...

Sorry but I Have been looking to see how to filter by "Call Type" for this app. I have a Sprint phone EPIC 4g and use "Sprint to Home", for free, didn't even have to pay for the $5/month either. Just ask nicely and tell emm a store manager told ya and the should give the feature (that is if your cool like me ; >). Only thing that I can't figure out is how to set this app up so it will call mobile directly (since Sprint has Free/included mobile to mobile)and use the app for all other calls. Please help me with a step by step on how to implement this filter.

Adam M said...

Please delete my last Posting regarding the Phone Type filter. I had version 7 installed and when I upgraded to 9 it was all very clear at that point. I will be donating at this time thanks for such a great product.

Only blip that I have is the speed needed to create the callback. But I'm sure your probably either working on it or there is no method of expediting that.

Thanks soooo much.

Anonymous said...

This app worked really well for me before the v0.9 update but now it calls the number, the number rings, but there is no voice connection. For example, if I pick up (let's say) the land line phone that is called, the mobile phone that has the GV callback notes that the land line has been answered ("Talking") and then if I hang up the land line GV callback notes that the land line had hung up--but there is no voice transmitted, just silence. Any ideas?? I have Android 2.1 on a Motorola Cliq. Thanks.

Dan Rasmussen said...

I an Archos 5 Internet Tablet. It runs Android 1.6 but is not a phone.

I think you probably created this app for people using phones, who have plans where they can call certain numbers for free. But my device is not a phone. When I go to Contacts, select a person, and choose "Call mobile," a brief alert message pops up and says this: "No application found for this action."

If there's some way you can allow me to replace "No application found for this action" with an incoming call from Google Voice that I can answer by using Sipdroid, I would gladly make a donation. Have to admit I'm a little confused about how all this works but happy to answer any questions about my setup and what I want to do. I really want certain apps to work, for instance "Congress" which makes calling government representatives with my tablet much quicker than typing it all in (a pain!)

Dan Rasmussen

Dovid Boruch Kopel said...

I am still experiencing problems with my call log. For outgoing calls it says in my call log "(Unknown)" and lists the correct number below.

Anonymous said...


I cannot find the download link to the latest revision (0.9).

Thanks for your work.


Anonymous said...

Phenomenal job, works great with Gingerbread.

As you stated in the options dialog, I can confirm that auto-answer does not work in Gingerbread.

I'm not sure if that also means my following request would be impossible. However, it would be great if there were a setting to enable Gingerbread's "Receive incoming calls (reduces battery life)" option only when making calls. Like many users, I'm using this with Gizmo5, and only ever expect to use it to make outbound calls via Google Voice Callback. Therefore, I'd like to avoid the battery drain Gingerbread warns of for receiving incoming calls except when the calls would actually be coming in.

Lastly, I think your explanation on the settings page of "When to use callback?" could use some re-wording. Under the "According to rules" option, it says the rules have to be set up in preferences. However, I'm in preferences already when I see that option presumably, and am a little bit of a loss as where I go to setup those rules. The rule I'd like to setup ideally would be use only when on wifi.

Anonymous said...

Would it be possible to add an option to disable the ringer and vibrate for the next 30 seconds or something like that directly after making a call? I already know that a call is incoming, so they're kinda extraneous and noisy.