Saturday, February 13, 2010

Calendar Quick Add v0.2 is out!

v0.2 adds the ability to add homescreen shortcut that directly launches the quick add interface. To use it, add it to your homescreen the usual way: long click on an empty space on your home -> Shortcuts -> Calendar Quick Add.

I received report that Calendar Quick Add works with Nexus One, but not the Quick Search Box integration. I have no way to fix that since I can't afford a Nexus One, and there is no known way to test calendar related function on the emulator.

I have heard reports that Calendar Quick Add works both on the Droid and Nexus One. Let me know if other problems arise.

p.s. For the Quick Search Box integration (a.k.a. adding event from your homescreen) to work, you need to enable Calendar Quick Add to your allowed search item list. See the "First Run Setup" in the help section in the app for instructions.

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