Saturday, May 8, 2010

Update on Google Voice Callback app

Update (5/18): problem fixed (hopefully). See here

I've heard lots of report of the app failing due to Google's API change. I'm sorry if it has affected you, but here are why I'm unable to fix it for the moment:

  • The Google Voice API is not public - that is, Google really does not (yet) intend for outside developer to use the Voice API, and that means it could break anytime without warning.
  • Google might have rolled out some changes, but as typical of Google, it does not roll out change to all its user at once, but instead gradually. My own Google Voice account has not been affected by the change, so I don't know what has been changed. And I have no clue how to fix the problem if I don't know what has been changed.
  • Real life commitment. Sorry I do have a life beside programming - a busy one at that especially near the end of the semester in college.

Just be a bit patient...

Quick note: According to some, this is a temporary problem from Google that has been solved. If Google Voice Callback has worked for you in the past, but stopped working recently, could you give it another try to see if it works now?


Anonymous said...

I am new to this and I just set up Google voice callback yesterday. It worked for a day but today it has problem verifying credentials and Thnever logins. The error message is "Are you sure that your credential is correct? Possible error:"
Is this the same issue discussed here? If so,it just appeared.

Sterling said...

Great work on this app! I've been using Google Voice Callback for a while now. Just yesterday (May 17), it seems Google may have changed something (at least for my account) as GVCallback is unable to login. I'm getting the same error as that cited above.

Looking forward to a fix if/when you get a chance!

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I love this app! It gets me unlimited free outgoing calls using Verizon's friends and family. However, I am receiving the same "login failed" problem. It started today (5/18/10).