Sunday, April 4, 2010

Google Voice Callback does not work, WTF?!?!

Hi there! Some of you reported that Google Voice Callback (occasionally, sometimes, all the times, etc...) does not work. Thanks for your feedback, and I'm sorry that you are having problems!

If you are having problems, please

  • Make sure that you actually have a Google Voice account. Google Voice is currently by invite only, and you must have a Google Voice account to use this app - neither this app nor I can help you with getting a Google Voice account. Please do not contact me about how to get a Google Voice account. I do not work for Google.
  • Check that your login information is correct and your callback number is correct. The callback number is not your GV number, but your cellphone or gizmo5 number.
  • Try using a different kind of network connection, i.e. 2G, 3G or wifi.
  • Try killing Google Voice Callback using a task killer before you start a call. There is a known bug that causes problem especially with the "Ask me everytime" option. Some reports that killing the app before starting a call solves the problem temporarily. I'm looking for a fix but my time for programming recently has been close to zero.
  • Do you occasionally have login problems? That is, does the "Logging in..." notification sometimes stay forever and never actually log you in? Try making the call again! The second time should work, as a temporary workaround.

In sum, I realize that some people are having problems while others have none :) Some problems are known and I'm looking for fixes. Be patient while I deal with some real life commitments - I'll get to those fixes eventually.

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Anonymous said...

I'm one of the ppl for whom GVC isn't working. I tried dl-ing the original GV, but it has authentication errors as well... In any case, I'm on Android 2.1 (latest update) via Droid Incredible.

If it helps any... When I was trying to do the whole sipsorcery/sipgate route (which I've given up on, ipkill worked so much easier), the connection script in sipsorcery required the following (though you may already know all this):

1) a 1 in front of the 10digit number (I've tried adding a 1 in the interface, but that didn't do anything *shrug*)

2) sys.GoogleVoiceCall(GV_USER,GV_PASS,CALLBACK_NUMBER,number,'.*',1,45)

1 = Home
2 = Mobile
3 = Work
7 = Gizmo5

Anonymous said...

When I uninstalled Google Voice (which wasn't even set up) it started to work, if that helps any...

cookem said...

this completely stopped working as of 2 days ago....anything you can do to fix it ?