Friday, June 11, 2010

Google Voice Callback v0.4 is out!

What's new?
  • Call logging is back! (It was accidentally removed in the last version)
  • A toggle shortcut to quickly turn callback on/off.
  • Filter rules! See here for detailss.

v0.4.1 has some minor fixes and minor features including
  • A new type of rule that specifically matches US phone numbers.
  • Rules that match using regular expressions

v0.4.2 has some fixes for the Force Closes (FCs) that used to happen when the login info is not correct.

As usual, I can only test the new features as much. Let me know if you ran into problems.


If you appreciate my work, consider donating! Via Paypal below, or by buying the donate version (search Android Market for "Google Voice Callback Donate").


quietmint said...

It would be great to expand/fix the "Whenever Internet is available" option.

I'd like an "Ask when broadband Internet is available" option. And by "broadband Internet", I mean 3G or WiFi. SIP calls do not work well enough over the EDGE (or worse GPRS) speeds that I get in my area. In other words, always use a normal call unless 3G/WiFi is available and then prompt me for a Google Voice call.

Another checkbox that we should have is "Only use Google Voice Callback when SIP software is running (overrides other settings)". The callback app should detect whether Fring is running in the background. If Fring is not open, do not use Google Voice callback regardless of the settings I have chosen! Obviously the callback is never going to work if my phone isn't listening for SIP calls.

aaron said...


First of all, THANKS for this awesome app!!!

Here are some humble suggestions.

1. The toggle callback shorcut is very useful. Can you make it launch Sipdroid when you toggle gv callback ON and close Sipdroid when you toggle gv callback OFF? That would really make things a little bit easier.

2. In the "ask me every time" option, can you add an option to call with google voice?

Adding this 2 features would help a lot of people.

Let me explain you why I asked for those 2 upgrades.
Well, the sipdroid one is obvious: it could save many people tons of clics.

Now, the second one is a bit different. See, I have google voice set up to ask me everytime I make a call if I want to call regularly or with google voice. But when I toggle GVcallback on, those 2 settings conflict and I get 2 messages at the same time, which is annoying. Then, basically, what we need is GVcallback to have these 3 options for "Ask me every time":

- Use google voice call back


- Use normal calls.

This way, we could ditch the regular Google Voice shorcut toggle completely.

Again, thank you for being so responsive and helping us save tons of money.