Thursday, June 12, 2008


Yes, a bad day is a bad day. I have been looking forward to see ballet Romeo and Juliet (music by Prokofiev, of course!) tonight, as this is one of my favorite piece of music of all time, and this is how the day goes:

Frustration with doing laundry - yes, I had been delaying this forever, and going to a foreign laundromat for the first time isn't the speediest affair in the world. Then in the rush to eat dinner so that I could make to the ballet on time, I discovered, unpleasantly, that my rice went bad in the refrigerator - so no dinner.

By the time I'm about to run out of the door, I realize that I'm out of money - exactly, less than 5 euros. Thanks to the DAAD's great organization (nothing against DAAD of course, since I'm very thankful - no sarcasm here - that I'm here in Germany), I never receive the internship/scholarship payment as of now, almost a month since I arrived, and I had been borrowing from my boss piecemeal amounts of money - I certainly don't go and ask for a fortune! And my wallet goes flat right at the time I need it.

Whenever one is out of cash, the American instinct says, CREDIT CARD! But unfortunately, American credit cards are not accepted; but how about debit card? ATM machines? No, no, no! I have only a paltry sum left in my bank account, and even after I decided to take whatever I can take from my account, the ATM machine is closed. Yes, this is Karlsruhe, where most shops are closed after 8pm and on Sundays.

Just about when I was going to try my luck and beg for admission with my 5 euros (since the ticket for students is not much above that), there is pouring rain outside - by bike or by foot, there is no way I can get the theater in 4 minutes without making a huge mess.

And, yes, the rain almost stopped about 15 minutes after the ballet suppose to start.

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